Dyneema® SK99

Common reasons to use Dyneema® SK99

  1. Reduce the size of deck hardware
  2. Increase the length of rope possible on an existing winch
  3. Increased ease of handling
  4. Overall reduction in weight.
  5. Higher performance with lower stretch characteristics.

The benefits of Dyneema®ropes are well known within the industry. Weight savings, increased safety and ease of handling are all reason that customers have moved from traditional fibre and steel wire to Dyneema® based ropes. However, the landscape is changing with the latest fibre available from English Braids, Dyneema SK99 in the form of Steelsafe 99.

Dyneema® SK99 delivers the highest tenacity available in a light weight, polymer fibre to date, showing a 7% increase over SK90 and 20% over SK75 and SK78. This translates into thinner, lighter weight lines or lines with the same diameter but with significantly increased strength. The result is better performance from more compact rigging, which is lighter, takes up less space, lowers resistance and increases speed. The modulus is 10% higher than SK90 and 35% higher than SK75 and SK78. This improvement in modulus translates into lower stretch, better sail performance and thus faster possible boat response.

Rigging made with Dyneema® is the product of choice on boats where it matters. Ropes with Dyneema®are used on boats that range from the fastest, ultimate performance boats and round the world endurance racers, to engineering teams with new offshore challenges. It has proven to deliver results and retain its properties over an extended lifetime and is not affected by the tough environment that can be found around the oceans of our world.