Dyneema® Ropes and Fibres

English Braids is a UK Dyneema® partner and manufacturer of ropes in the UK. Dyneema® forms part of the business overall strategic direction which is aligned to technical products delivered with first class customer service.


Through an intensive R&D process, DSM have developed an extensive range of fibres that are aligned to specific market challenges. These fibres are outlined below, in order to help the customer choose the correct fibre and product.

Dyneema® SK38

English Braids promotes the use Dyneema SK38 primarily into the mid-range yachting market. Although the fibre has a lower tenacity than some of the other grades, the conversion process is beneficial to the overall finished product, delivering a rope that has both high strength and low stretch characteristics. Whilst this is suitable for the mid-market, it should be noted that the rope will work at a higher percentage of the breaking load than some of the more advanced fibres. Although this will equate to slightly higher elongation in real world applications, any end user moving from polyester will enjoy the performance benefits.


Dyneema® SK75 vs SK78

Dyneema® SK75 and SK78 are both used in the mainstream premium HMPE rope market, with some subtle differences in application. Both grades are 25% stronger than Dyneema® SK38, therefore allowing a potential reduction in diameter, or alternatively an increase in safety factor for the same diameter. Dyneema® SK78 tends to be used in applications where resistance to creep is important, with significantly more resistance than SK75 or cheaper alternatives. Often it is the creep lifespan that becomes the critical factor in the long term durability of the rope. Through the use of, both coatings and Dyneema® SK78, it is possible to achieve increased life expectancy of ropes within harsh operating conditions.

Dyneema® SK99

Dyneema® SK99 is the strongest of all Dyneema® fibres commercially available. Ropes made with Dyneema® SK99 demonstrate an increase in strength of 15% to 20% above the SK78 fibre. This benefits the user through further reduction in weight or diameter for the same working loads. Dyneema® SK99 represents the best of class rigging for technical applications and ultimate strength in application.


Dyneema® DM20

The development of the DM20 fibre has been focused on minimal creep above all other characterises. In order to achieve this the tenacity is slightly lower than SK78 although this is rarely noticed by end users due to the manufacturing process for ropes using these fibres. In applications where creep and extension are paramount DM20, and the English Braids XPS process, should be the first choice. This specialist fibre provides engineers and designers with the ability to use synthetic material where only steel, polyester or aramids have been previously possible. Ropes made with Dyneema® DM20 provide a real alternative for longer term applications where stability is critical.

As a Dyneema® partner, English Braids has access to, and works with, all of the above fibres. Much of the product range is held in stock for immediate delivery. However, due to the nature of some of the projects, English Braids would look to both design and make to order certain diameters and lengths as required.