Seismic Arrays

Mapping the seabed has been Integral to the boom in mineral exploitation of the last 100 years.   As technology has improved so to has our ability to source minerals in particular oil and gas in areas that were once deemed inaccessible.  Around the UK the majority of our natural resources reside under the North Sea making it one of the richest deposits anywhere on the globe.  Because of this UK expertise and experience is valued globally.  

As our focus transfers from oil & gas to the need for renewable wind, wave and tidal energies, this experience is essential for the success of our energy requirements.  Seismic survey vessels map the geological make up of the seabed which is essential for both fixed bottom and Floating Offshore Wind.  They also scour the seabed looking for obstructions that could damage installations along with unexploded Ordnance (UXO) that litter the seabed primarily as a result of both world wars.

Seismic surveying is split in to two categories:

1.    Inshore (Shallow surveying) - This is conducted close to shore with water <50m depth and are usually deployed from small boats no longer than 10m. These strings that can be up to 200km in length are spread across the floor to map the seabed.  English Braids produce bespoke lines that are fully synthetic to reduce the acoustic signature along with hairy fairing attached to ropes to further reduce this.

2.    Offshore (deep surveying) - This can be conducted in depths of up to 2000m and beyond, this method utilises large Offshore seismic vessels that trawl large sensors behind the ship using soundwaves rebounding off the seafloor to map the geology.  At significant depth we can also provide lead lined Dyneema that can be deployed ot the ocean floor with mission critical equipment.

We are passionate about developing our products to the needs of our customer and developing projects in line with our sustainable ethos.  We must protect our climate and our oceans for future generations.  English Braids aim to support all seismic projects both in the UK and overseas.

If you want to talk to our specialist team about your own project then please contact us via or +44 (0)1684 892222.

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