E-Braid 12 - 10mm

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A polyester double braid with increased exterior yarns resulting in a rope that is both strong and exceptionally supply to handle.

E-Braid 12 represents the second generation in braided ropes. The unique third yarn incorporated into the cover yarns allows the creation of a more supple, softer feeling rope, while the smoothness of this product ensures that abrasion is minimised. Perfectly suited to a cruising halyard or sheet the new colour scheme provides yachtsmen with additional flexibility when specifying a boat.

Technical Information
Construction 12 strand 24 plait
Material Polyester Polyester
Specific gravity 1.38 1.38
Resistance to acid Good Good
Resistance to alkali Good Good
Resistance to UV Good Good
Resistance to heat ^230 C ^230 C
Extension at 50%  
Extension at break  
Data Table
Diameter (mm)Weight (kg/100)Breaking Strain (kg)
8 4.9 1,800
10 7.2 3,100
12 10 3,890
14 15.3 5,400
Features and Benefits
  • Smoother, more flexible braid
  • Easy to splice
  • Reduced friction leading to increased life span
  • 12 strand round core
  • Heat set and pre-stretched
  • New colour range allowing for advanced rig identification