Techna-Line - 3mm

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The 12 strand construction is used in conjunction with the Technora® fibre. This ensures that a rope is able to deliver both on strength and heat resistance where necessary.

Technora® is used wherever safety and protection are essential. The unique properties of Technora® give a number of significant advantages over other synthetic yarns and steels in ropes and cables. Applications range from mooring cables, hoisting cables, cables for deep-sea applications, ropes for installing high-voltage cables, elevator cables and lines for para-gliders. Technora ropes provide accurate positioning of theatre stage equipment with no fire-related issues and in black are easy to conceal.

Data Table
Diameter (mm)Weight (kg/100)Breaking Strain
3 0.9 1,280
5 2 2,480
6 3 3,800
8 5 6,000
10 8 10,000
12 12 15,000
14 17 18,000
16 21 20,000
18 29 30,000
22 38 39,000
24 47 47,000
Technical Information
Construction 12 strand n/a
Material Dyneema® n/a
Specific gravity 0.97 n/a
Resistance to acid Good n/a
Resistance to alkali Good n/a
Resistance to UV Good n/a
Resistance to heat Good n/a
Melting point 500
Extension at 50% 2%
Extension at break 4%
Features and Benefits
  • Torsionally stable construction
  • High strength to diameter ratio
  • Good UV resistance for Aramid fibre
  • Very resistant to heat
Typical Applications
  • Film and theatre
  • Tethers
  • Fire and rescue
  • Low creep applications
  • Steel wire replacement