Superyacht Dockline - 32mm

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Available up to 56mm the Nylon super yacht dock line is manufactured to exacting standard aligned to what is expected in the super yacht and mega yacht industries.

This rope has been specifically designed for larger vessels to deliver 15% more stretch than traditional 3 strand mooring line for mooring larger yachts. All black polyester covers give Superyacht dockline improved performance and durability with the stretchy nylon braided core giving the rope its shock absorbing qualities. This super braided rope has the quality to enhance any quality built yacht.
Superyacht dockline is normally supplied in a made up form to order. We cut and factory splice to desired lengths, normally with one eye splice and leather becketting if required.

Technical Information
Construction 16 plait 24 plait
Material Nylon Polyester
Specific gravity 1.19 1.38
Resistance to acid No Yes
Resistance to alkali Yes Yes
Resistance to UV Yes Yes
Resistance to heat ^240 C ^230 C
Extension at 50% 13%
Data Table
Diameter (mm)Weight (kg/100)Breaking Strain (kg)
24 39.1 10.870
28 55.8 15.500
32 73.9 20.600
36 95.1 26.500
40 117.5 32.500
44 135.4 37.000
48 165.0 45.500
52 188.0 52.500
56 288.0 63.500
Features and Benefits
  • Stronger than 3 strand lines
  • Splices easily
  • Stretchy and shock absorbing nylon core
  • Durable polyester core
  • Soft and flexible
  • Working load can be upto 50% of breaking load
  • Optional factory leather eye and whipping for premium finish
  • First quality polyester
  • Black as standard, colours on request
Typical Applications
  • Mooring lines