S-Mix - 12mm

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The double braid construction is used to deliver a core cover rope. The cover is made from a mixture of spun polyester and standard high tenacity providing a compromise between the fibres.

A blended rope that looks to mix and match the characteristics of the fibres to deliver exceptional performance. 

Data Table
Diameter (mm)Weight (kg/100)Breaking Strain (kg)
8 4.2 1,900
10 6.4 2,990
12 9.6 4,085
Technical Information
Construction 12 strand 24 plait
Material Polyester Spun Polyester mix
Specific gravity 1.38 1.38
Resistance to acid Good Good
Resistance to alkali Good Good
Resistance to UV Good Good
Resistance to heat ^230 C ^230 C
Extension at 50% 18%
Extension at break 25%
Features and Benefits
  • Polyester core with blended spun cover
  • Vibrant colour range
  • Heat treated
  • Soft to handle
  • High grip levels
  • New improved specification