Dinghy Dyneema® - 5 mm

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The Dyneema® core is protected by a tightly woven polyester jacket providing good abrasion resistance with the strength being delivered through the Dyneema® SK78 core material.

Racing Dyneema® halyards, yet in dinghy sizes! These performance ropes have Dyneema® SK78 cores, pre-stretched and treated for high strength, low stretch and low weight for the racer. What more could you want? The ropes give the edge to racing craft and can be used for all halyards, control
lines and sheet ropes with suitable hardware.

Technical Information
Construction 12 strand 16 plait
Material Dyneema® Polyester
Specific gravity 0.97 1.38
Resistance to acid Yes Yes
Resistance to alkali Yes Yes
Resistance to UV Yes Yes
Resistance to heat ^150 C ^230 C
Extension at 50% 1.5%
Extension at break 3.5%
Data Table
Diameter (mm)Weight (kg/100)Breaking Strain (kg)Standard Length (m)
 1 0.1 50 200
1.5 0.15 70 200
2 0.3 120 200
3 0.6 370 200
4 1.1 490 200
5 1.7 1,200 200
6 2.5 1,910 200
Features and Benefits
  • Dyneema® SK78 core
  • Bright colour scheme and colour matching core
  • 16-plait 'one over one under one'
  • High strength with low extension 
  • Improved longevity with Dyneema® SK78
  • Hard wearing cover
Typical Applications
  • Dinghy control line
  • Dinghy halyards
  • Dinghy sheet ropes