Dynamic Line SK78

Dynamic Line SK78 Specification

The 12 strand construction is used to ensure that the maximum strength is delivered through the rope providing a high diameter for breaking load ratio. The product is colour coated. 100% Dyneema® SK78 delivers ultimate strength for diameter. Available in a range of colours through PU coatings.

Olympik Line

Olympik Line Specification

The 8 strand twist mix construction allows a blend of the Dyneema® and polyester fibres to inherit each others properties. Low extension is offered through the Dyneema® while polyester provides grip.


Sprintline Specification

The 16 plait polyester is available in a large range of colours and is suitable to many different uses. The product is soft yet hard wearing. The product is a low stretch polyester.

V12 Ultimate

V12 Ultimate Specification

Vectran is the first choice when minimal extension is required. The product is braided in a 12 strand construction and delivers a high diameter to strength ratio.