S Range

S Range Specification

Manufactured to a double braid construction the exterior yarns are made up from a fluffy spun polyester resulting in higher grip and softer feel.


S-Mix Specification

The double braid construction is used to deliver a core cover rope. The cover is made from a mixture of spun polyester and standard high tenacity providing a compromise between the fibres.

Anchoring & Mooring

3 Strand Nylon

3 Strand Nylon Specification

Manufactured in the same way as the other English Braids 3 strand products the 3 strand Nylon provides a rope with great durability while offering high extension levels under load.


Dockline Specification

Although a double braid the rope is designed to differing specification to deliver a softer easier to handle line consistent with the docking operations. Manufactured from high tenacity polyester.

Floating Lines


Flairline Specification

A 16 carrier construction provides a smooth cover to the over braid of the rope making is more suited to work with third party hardware where a smooth cover is beneficial. This is a floating rope.

Standing Rigging


Anti-torsion Specification

English Braids ATR rope forms part of the steel replacement range in standing rigging. Designed to transfer torque throughout its length, the rope offers a viable alternative to traditional furling gear.


DynaStay Specification

12 Strand Dyneema® manufactured with DM20 yarn finished with the English Braids XPS treatment to reduce all constructional extension.